Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Bad Experience Made Good

Although I prefer to take scenic photos, I have been known to take portraits on occasion. I don't know if I could ever do it as my full time job, however. I spent a very long 4 months working at JC Penney's portrait studio where I learned a lot about taking portraits. It can be very difficult to get the perfect shot and kids can be especially hard to work with.

When I found out my friend Kelly had had a less-than-satisfactory experience with a "photographer" recently and saw the photos as evidence, I insisted she let me attempt to do better. It couldn't be hard - the photographs she received were terrible. Here are a few of the 300 some-odd shots I got of their cute little family. I must say that out of the three of them, Christian (the little boy) did the best! He was the perfect little model. I'd gladly take his picture any day!
I love the look Kelly is giving Brendan in this one.
Next stop, GQ Magazine!

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